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Over 25 Years of Trusted CPA Service

crypto expert advisor

Crypto Expert Advisor

We’re not just CPAs, we’re holders and traders of Crypto assets.  Crypto assets are here to stay, so it comes as no surprise that the IRS has taken note.  The IRS has transitioned the virtual currency question from Schedule 1 to page 1 of Form 1040, emphasizing to the approximate 14% of U.S. taxpayers who own crypto assets, the importance of accurately reporting their crypto income.

We serve as your trusted advisors by informing, educating, and helping you navigate the new IRS guidance, while accurately reporting crypto income and ensuring compliance.  Now more than ever, with the IRS’s increased scrutiny of crypto asset reporting it’s critical to properly plan for capital gains, reporting reward tokens as other income and finding an advisor that is not only a tax expert but a believer in the value of crypto.

Rental Real Estate Experts

We are buy and hold real estate investors ourselves and we bring that knowledge to you as you consider converting a personal residence to a business use rental property or adding that second or third income property to your portfolio.  Some critical mistakes we often see is not depreciating your property or depreciating too much value and not capturing all your allowable deductions.

The US Tax Code favors real estate investors so it’s imperative you work with an advisor and not a once a year preparer who’s just plugging numbers and not considering your wholistic financial picture. We’ll help you in the following way…

  • Calculate and depreciate building and land values
  • Are you a real estate investor or business owner?
  • Using 100% bonus depreciation to your advantage
  • Expenditure analysis as a repair or improvement
  • Exit strategies and tax planning when selling
cpa specializing in real estate
The Creperie Store, small business

Single Member S-Corp Experts

We understand that running your business as an S-Corporation means that your business finances are integrated fully into your personal finances.  Managing that business involves far more than just showing up and doing a job; you’re both an owner and an employee.  Therefore, we start with a holistic approach to get a comprehensive understanding of who you are and the financial forces at work in your business and personal life.  We help you understand and respond to these forces. That means we help you not only with the compliance needs of filing accurate and timely tax returns but we meet with you regularly to provide advice, design a tax plan and tax strategies that reflects the realities of your life and the uniqueness of your long-term goals.  We use strategies like retirement plan analysis and i401k implementation, tax free draw income, maximization of benefit deductions and Health Savings Accounts (HSA), efficient payroll withholding saving you from the need for quarterly estimate tax reporting and payments and many more.

One Advisor, Twice the Advice

When evaluating CPAs and tax advisors, we encourage you to ask if they are fiduciaries and can create a financial plan. We are and we integrate that tax smart investment and tax strategies all of our tax and financial plans. We believe in the power of a fully integrated financial and tax plan.

When we prepare your tax returns we look for ways to lower your tax liability through financial planning strategies. We have three senior level Personal Financial Planners on staff with over 80 years of combined experience.  Chesapeake Financial Advisors is a fee-only, fiduciary based registered investment advisor that focuses on personal financial planning and investment management.

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