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Personal CFO Process

We Make Life Easy



We get to know you and your life and financial goals to achieve financial peace of mind.

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Use our proven organizer to collect documentation to build a picture of your financial interests and current record keeping practices.



Take what we have learned about you and apply our expertise in tax, accounting and financial planning to create a new organized view of your financial interests.



We build a proposal based on your individual needs.



Some say it, we do it! We provide continuous access to our Principal and Team and build a meeting schedule for the year.


Your CFO

Live your life and as fiduciaries, we handle everything related to your financial interests.

Personal CFO Services

When evaluating CPAs, we encourage you to ask if they can offer financial planning and investment advice.  We do and integrate that advice into all of our plans.

Tax advice and financial planning advice go hand and hand and this is just one more example of how we put the interests of our clients ahead of our own. By combining these services we get better and more in-depth knowledge of a client’s financial house than any one CFP, CPA or financial advisor could do on their own.  You can even pay your tax-deductible tax prep fee from your investment account.  By integrating services we save our clients’ money and more importantly, time!

Typical services include:

  • Personal and business accounting, bookkeeping and bill pay
  • Personal and business tax preparation
  • Form 1099 analysis & preparation
  • W9 vendor management
  • Payroll services for staff
  • Monthly cash flow and profit and loss statements
  • Monthly Personal Financial Statements
  • Comprehensive goal based financial planning
  • Service delivery calendar and meeting calendar
  • Fee-only investment management
Trusted Partner

Our Core Focus

We make life easy with personal CFO services.

Our Mission

We create financial peace of mind with service beyond expectations so you can focus on what truly matters to you.


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