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Our Story

You’ve dreamed before, haven’t you? You’ve had that idea and thought what if? That’s how it all got started for us nearly 25 years ago. The question proposed by Tim was, “Is that a Series 65 book?” Tom responded with a “Yes, and I’m starting an investment firm. Do you want to join me?” They were 27 years old with a VISION. So in a car ride up to Long Island, the dream became a reality and the what if became Chesapeake Financial Advisors and Taylor & Company.

Fiduciary Advisors

We are devoted to navigating financial and tax challenges throughout all stages of life. We are fiduciary advisors which means we act with undivided loyalty to the client and transparency…we always disclose our compensation and any conflicts of interest.

We know how busy life can get. At Taylor & Company, we create financial peace of mind so you go on living your life, knowing that we have your best financial interest in mind.

Introduce a Friend

Thank you for all the times you think to pass on our name to a friend or family member.

We appreciate the confidence you have in us and the comprehensive tax and accounting services we provide. Our goal is to continue offering you unbiased financial advice and proactive service so you will have no reservations about introducing us to others that have similar financial planning, investment management or tax planning needs.

If you have a friend or family member who does not have a financial advisor, or is not getting the kind of complete service and unbiased advice necessary for financial success, please let us know and we will introduce ourselves. We do not have investment minimums so those that you think may not benefit, in fact, may benefit the most!

From a Car Ride to Now – The CFA/TC Family Timeline

The CFA Timeline


The roadtrip to Long Island and the dream.


We quickly moved to a closet at 401 Washington Ave. in Towson. Rent was $25 a month, and we needed to vacate every time our landlord wanted to access his filing cabinet.


Expanded to around the corner where Zagat’s rated Cafe Troia calls home. It’s where we watched 9/11 unfold and the tech bubble burst.


Moved back to 401 Washington Ave. for more space and to be closer to Charles Schwab
whom calls the building home.


Still at 401 Washington Ave. We hired, Katie, our first employee, plus other team members. We also experienced the great Maryland earthquake here.


We expanded our office space at 401 Washington Avenue. We opened an additional office at Columbia and added tax preparation services…all to better serve clients and build on our VISION.


We opened a satellite office in Frederick and expanded our team to add a more personalized client experience.


We have our own building! Renovations are underway at 401 Jefferson Avenue in Towson. Perfectly social distant.

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Over 25 Years of CPA Expertise

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