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Personalized strategies and a proactive approach to get your tax liability to the lowest legal limit. Get Started Today
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Tax Planning Strategies: The Process

Our team takes a proactive approach to develop personalized strategies, tailored to your unique financial situation to ensure your tax liability is at the lowest legal limit.



Get to know you and your tax history to build a foundation for financial peace of mind.

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Document gathering of prior year tax returns, support documents, tax notices, tax transcripts and investment statements.



Develop a personalized strategy to achieve success.



Present your personalized strategy to achieve financial success.

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Prepare a Tax-Smart Plan and deliverable to we can implement the strategies that will lower your tax liability to the lowest legal limit.



Ongoing monitoring, meetings and advice to ensure the implementation is successful.

Do you have a Tax-Smart Plan?

Tax planning strategies

Popular tax strategies we design and implement every day for clients include…

  • Income and deduction projections to calculate proper withholding and quarterly estimated tax payments
  • Converting taxable investment income from dividends, interest, and capital gains to tax-free investment income
  • Reducing taxable income by taking advantage of tax preferenced savings vehicles like 401k, 403b, Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
  • Ensuring you’re selecting the best benefits in your open enrollment to maximize tax benefits to you and decrease your taxable wages
  • Tax-loss harvesting of your investments to minimize capital gains and harvest a deductible $3,000 of losses annually
  • Invest in municipal bonds
  • Investing in rental real estate as a way to produce passive income that is not subject to social security and medicare taxes
  • Implement an income distribution plan for your Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) that includes making tax free and tax-deductible contributions to charities
  • Getting your financial plan to talk to your tax plan
  • Getting your small business finances to talk to your personal financial plan and tax plan

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