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Tim Mudd CPA

Tim, Principal and Co-Founder


Tim Mudd

Principal and Co-Founder

Alma Mater and Degrees

Mount Saint Mary’s University
BS in Economics and Finance


National Association of Securities
Dealers (NASD) Series 65 Exam


La Plata, MD

Tim has over 20 years of experience in investment portfolio management. Before he started Chesapeake Financial Advisors, Tim spent several years in the financial services industry, including positions as research analyst, equity trader and statistician with T. Rowe Price and Croft-Leominster, both investment advisory firms located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Tim and his wife, Christina, live in Highland, Maryland with their three children. When he’s not working or playing golf, Tim can be found on the sidelines cheering for his kids who play baseball, field hockey and volleyball. The family vacations in both the mountains and the beaches and he looks forward to the Fourth of July for the annual Mudd Family Reunion.

What Brought you to the area?

My love affair with money started when I was a teenager. After I graduated from college in the small town of Emmitsburg, I headed up to the city of Baltimore with only an old car, a low limit credit card and no job. I quickly found work at a liquor store to make ends meet and, luckily, I quickly landed my first “career” job with a small investment advisory firm much like Chesapeake Financial Advisors. This provided the foundation for a successful career in valuing businesses and making smart, long-term investment decisions for clients.

What do you love about working for Chesapeake Financial Advisors?

I enjoy coming to work every day because we have a fantastic team and great relationships with clients.

What is your favorite thing about working with clients?

Knowing that I helped make their day that much better.

Which of our core values is your favorite and why?

Integrity. Being a Fiduciary is what sets our firm apart from many others in our industry.  It is paramount that we, as a firm, put our integrity first and foremost as we work with our clients.  Trust is never given and must be earned.  Through our actions and communications we earn that trust with each and every client.

Do you have a professional mantra?

Superior long term results are achieved with constant analysis of each investment. Approach each equity investment as if we are going to buy the entire company and continue to analyze the investments in ensure the fundamentals and objectives of the company continue to improve and proper valuations are maintained.

What is your favorite quote?

“What’s that? Then sell! Sell! Sell!…They’re all selling? Then buy! Buy! Buy!” – Al Czervik, 1980

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