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Sara Weigman-Camarote

Sara, Director of Compliance


Sara Weigman-Camarote

Director of Compliance

Alma Mater and Degrees

Frederick Community College
AA in Paralegal Studies

University of Baltimore
Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude
Major: Jurisprudence
Minor: Victim Studies

University of Baltimore
Master of Arts
Legal and Ethical Studies


Violetville, MD

Sara shares her time as both a Client Service Associate for Taylor & Co. and Director of Compliance for Chesapeake Financial Advisors (CFA). She’s been with the team since the winter of 2018. Sara works directly with our clients assisting in tax preparation. On the CFA side, Sara plays a crucial role in fostering integrity in the firm’s operational structure, ensuring that the firm complies with operational rules. Sara has over 15 years experience in the client relations and customer service environment. Her three degrees — AA in Paralegal Services, BA in Jurisprudence and MA in Legal and Ethical Studies — lay the foundation for her ability to manage the firm’s compliance.

In her “down time” she really doesn’t rest! She loves to build, paint and remodel her home. She recently custom-designed and built all of her bedroom closets, built a 500 square foot patio and refinished some of her furniture. Her family likes to help her with these projects and they always find time to go to the park and walk the dogs together. One of the family’s favorite activities is visiting amusement parks.

What Brought you to the area?

I grew up on the outskirts of Baltimore City in an area called Violetville. I spent my teenage years in a tiny little one-light-town called Forsyth, Missouri.  I joined the military then made my way back to the east coast, landing in Northern Virginia then Annapolis, Frederick and Ellicott City. Now I reside in Bel Air, MD.

What do you love about working for Chesapeake Financial Advisors?

We have an amazing culture and atmosphere full of people who thoroughly love and enjoy the work that they do. We thrive off of providing the best service for the client.

What is your favorite thing about working with clients?

Knowing that I helped make their day THAT much better.

Which of our core values is your favorite and why?

Integrity. Trust is at the core for everything such as respect, loyalty, education, honesty, relationships and success. Knowing that someone will do the right thing, even when nobody is looking, is a principle I live by and instill in my children. Being honest does not require skill, talent, or even practice. It simply requires a person to make a single moral decision.

Do you have a professional mantra?

White-glove service and nothing less.

What is your favorite quote?

“Ad Astra Per Alas Porci.”

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